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How do I change my NetID Password?

Go to the Internal web page and click on the link which is titled "Reset NetID Password" and then fill out the form.

I'm having problems getting into GEMS Self-Service

The first thing to do is make sure you have popups unblocked for the domain. The business systems use pop-up windows. How to do this will depend on your web browser and any tool bars you are using. Many will notifiy you that a pop has been blocked and give you the option to allow the pop-up. Select "always allow" for if given that option. Typical symptom of pop-ups being blocked is the screen will change to a "Enterprise Sign-On" page without the GEMS page appearing.

If you get an error about ID's not matching or some other ID error you may need to reset your GEMS Self-Service login. To do so follow the instructions below under "How to change my GEMS Self-Service password".

For other problems contact or the IT help desk at

How do I change my GEMS Self-Service password?

Go to the Internal web page and click on the link which is titled "Other NetID Services", Click on "Login for more options", login using your NetID login and click "Change your GEMS Self-Service Password". Your GEMS Self-Service password is not needed to get into GEMS Self-Service through MyUSF. It's only required if you try to go into GEMS directly or change your W-4 info.

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