Network FAQ's

How do I get my network jack activated?

Look for a jack number on the jack you wish to get activated. The network jacks are typically orange in color, where the phone jacks are gray. Contact Doug to get the jack activated.

How do I get wireless network access?

If you are in a area with standard wireless access (see FAQ for areas covered) then you have to get your wireless card registered. You can register using either the USF Green or USF Gold wireless. USF Green wireless is unsecured, you must re-register every semester, and must be used by visitors. USF Gold may be used by anyone with a NetID or portal login.

See the IT FAQ page for more information and instructions.

Click here for instructions activating USF-Gold. Note that the exact method will vary depending on what wireless software you are using. Some wireless interfaces use their own software to manage the login instead of the windows software.

How do I register my device to access the USF (green) wireless?

After connecting to the USF wireless SSID you can open a web browser and you will be automatically redirected to a page which will allow you to register using your NetID.

If for some reason that doesn't work then you can visit the web page If you're not registering the computer you are connecting from then you will need to know the MAC address of the wireless network interface on the computer you need to register.


What areas are covered by wireless access?



All of KRC is covered by wireless


All of MSL is covered except the 2nd floor area under renovation.


MSW has a wireless access point mounted externally to cover this building and the research vessels. Wireless access can be better in parts of the ships than others because the metal hull blocks the signal.


I can also setup wireless access for the Joint Use conference rooms on the 3rd floor bridge of the FMRI building and FMRI 4th floor conference room (actually covers the lounge area also). But you must let me know ahead of time you want this. I cannot cover the auditorium in the FMRI building.

Davis Hall mtg room

For conferences, I generate the wireless ID's to use but Jeff Reisberg is in charge of the wireless equipment. Anyone who's already registered should be able to access the wireless network in this room.

St. Pete Campus

There are other areas of the St. Pete campus and library convered by wireless. The ID's should work in most areas, as long as the wireless is setup to USF standards.

For Poynter Libary coverage visit the page

For specifics elsewhere on campus contact the St. Pete Computing Help Line at (727) 553-4357.

Tampa Campus

Visit the map on this page:


Wireless Access For Visitors & Conferences



There are 3 ways for a visitor to get wireless access here

  1. Anyone with a USF NetID or domain login can registered themselves.
  2. You can request a special login for them from Doug or . Please provide the dates which your visitor will be here. It may take a day or two to get this login. The login will only work for the dates you specify.
  3. You can register it for them using your NetID and the USF Green service (SSID USF). Do NOT register their laptop or device using USF-GOLD. The registration page should appear on their laptops when you open a web browser after connecting to the USF wireless. Or visit the webpage Just visit the web page Don't save your password on their PC. You can register up to 5 wireless devices under your login.

You need to contact Doug or as far ahead of time as possible.

We can allow internet access to conference attendees for the duration of the conference through the wireless network. But to do so their computers must be registered with USF.

  • Let me know the maximum number of people who will require wireless access and dates of the conference.
  • I'll generate a set of unique ID's (username/passwords) and give you handouts with this and how to register the computers.
  • Wireless access is granted only for the duration of the conference. You can't register early and after the conference internet access is diabled to those ID's.
  • I have to coordinate access through USF IT so if you notify me the day of the conference, you won't get wireless access.
  • If there are just one or two attendees, then you (the host or someone with a NetID) can register the laptops for them using the 3rd method mentioned above.

Contact Doug


What's the difference between USF & USF Gold?

How do I activate USF GOLD wireless?



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