Telephone FAQ's

  • EMERGENCY -   Dial  9-1-1
  • Long Distance calling within the USA from USF phones is free for official USF business ONLY. If you need to make personal long distance calls, use your cell phone or a calling card.

USF VoiceMail

If your phone is setup for voicemail, you can access it through your phone by dialing x31000 and entering your PIN or by logging into  If your phone number is exclusively yours and listed in the USF Directory under your name you can login using your NetID.  If you are using a lab or shared phone then your login is your extension number (3xxxx).  If you have a new phone # assigned to you, contact Doug to arrange NetID access to the VMAIL web interface.  PIN's expire every 180 days and need to be reset using the vmail interface.



How do I use a phone for teleconferencing?

Analog phones can be used to conference in 2 additional parties.
Digitial phone (including our Polycom conference phones in the MSL and Dean's conference room) can be used to conference in 5 additional people.

If you need to connect more people, contact Linda Kelbaugh for a # you can use or use the USF Conference Bridge (link below). PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS AHEAD OF TIME WITH LINDA OR THE CONFERENCE BRIDGE. Linda's # can only be used by one person at a time. USF's bridge must be arranged with IT Communication Services. USF does not have a toll free # for participants to call into. They may incur a long distance charge for teleconferencing.


How do I call internationally?

Chargeable calls require a Long Distance Authorization Code (LDAC).
Wait for recall dial tone before entering your code
International Long Distance  9 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Number + LDAC


Long Distance Access Code (International only)

All international long distance calls require the use of an authorization code. Using the authorization code for personal toll calls is a violation of the State Statures. If personal calls were made using the access code, a check should be made payable to USF and presented to the Finance and Accounting Cashier (ADM 147) along with an Expense Refund Data Sheet form.

To attain a LDAC, please visit the International Calling Code Service Center.  Login with your NetID and fill out the form.

There is no charge for the code, but each individual department will be billed for international long distance call usage.

Please note when ordering auth codes: All authorization codes with no usage for one year will be deleted.

Service Level: 48-hour turnaround time. 

Questions regarding the LDAC should be directed to Telecom Billing at (813) 974-9620 or


My phone doesn't work what do I do?

First unplug and re-plug in any connections to see if a cable came loose. See if another phone is still working. If the central system goes down or our network connection to Tampa then all the phones will go dead.

If you are still having problems with a phone contact Doug for additional diagnosis.
Some simple problems can be fixed locally but others, like replacing equipment and internal line problems will require work by Tampa's IT Dept (


How do I get a phone number?

Each professor is allowed one office and one lab phone. Any additional phones will have to be paid for. Joe Donnelly handles IT work orders for new phones which have to be installed by Tampa IT personnel.


I want to move my phone to a new location

If you want to move your phone to a new location, you will have to contact Joe Donnelly. Tampa IT has to do this work since it involves recording the location for 911 emergency purposes.


Can I have my phone ring in more than one room?

Normally No. The only exception is if you have a multi-line digital phone with a primary number unique to each room. The reason is regulations require a phone number to be specifically attached to a room in case of 911 emergencies. That way responders will know where to look for the caller.

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