What is the Remote Desktop?

The Remote Desktop is a way to access your work computer or another computer remotely (from somewhere else) as if you were sitting in from of it's screen.

SMART Disk Attribute Definitions


How do I connect PCs to our network?

There are some requirements that need to be met before you can connect a personal or new computer to our network. Failure to meet these requirements may result in your computer getting virus infected, hacked, and your network port disabled. Without certain patches your computer can get virus infected and/or hacked almost immediately after putting it on our network. Please contact one of our service personnel at support@marine.usf.edu about making sure your computer is fine to connect.

  1. Have virus software running with up-to-date virus definitions. USF has a site license for McAfee which covers home computers while you are with USF.
  2. A legal copy of the Windows operating system.
  3. Windows must be fully patched (Run Windows Update). Windows XP must have SP2 installed on it.
  4. Our registry bundle installed, and Track-It installed.


How do I purchase computers and software?

Visit the USF Computer Store webpage to find out about buying new computers and software for both College and Personal use. If this is a USF computer, click on the Departments button. If it's for peronal use click on the Students or Faculty/Staff button. Many grad students are also staff and can make use of deals not available as students. You will need a NetID in order to enter the Students and Faculty/Staff areas. You can register for your NetID on the NetID login page after you click on either the Students or Faculty/Staff button.

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