Software FAQ's

Free software can be used through the USF Apps Portal

Student Tech Fee Funded

For more information:

Start the USF Apps Portal:

All USF students have access to the application portal. Here, students will be able to use over 40 different software applications for their personal and academic use, just by logging in with their USF NetID. can be accessed from any computer with a web browser at anytime, anywhere, including the computer labs on campus.

Please make sure you are saving your files to your local computer, network drives, or the new UStoreFiles (S drive). Many of the applications on the site default to saving documents on the server. If you save your files there, they will disappear when you log off. For optimal performance, please use UStoreFiles with portal.

What site licenses are available?

A lot of info on USF site licenced and special priced software is on the USF Computer Store's web site. You can make both personal and departmental purchases through this web site. Click on the appropriate box at the bottom on the initial screen.

The Research Computing Core Facility (RCCF) of Academic Computing has some software licenses available for use by Faculty. Visit their homepage, RCCF Homepage, mouse over the Software button on the left and you will see a list of software. Click on the software package you are interested in and you will see a description of the software, # of licenses, instructions, and who can use the software.
Note: For most of these packages, there are a limited number of floating licenses available. If a package has 25 license and 25 people are already using the package, you won't be able to use it till someone closes their copy. You are not guaranteed access.

For older list of software covered - see CompuStore Site Licensed Software


Is cloud/online storage available for my files?

Yes. If you have a forest account then you typically have access to a U: drive. This is automatically mapped to your computer when you log into the forest domain.

Students also have access to UStoreFiles, a S: drive available which is mapped when you log into the apps portal. It also can be manually mapped if you aren't logging into the apps portal. If you aren't on the USF network you will need to start the USF VPN first.

Student Tech Fee Funded

UStoreFiles is a central file storage location for use by all USF students. Students will no longer be forced to save their documents in multiple locations, the new S drive is available and allows users to quickly save their work in one central location. Students are given the initial disk space quota of 4 gigabytes


MATLAB users should sign up to get e-mail updates.
See the page

You need to be on the Marine Science network in order to do this installation. A PC with ArcGIS installed on it will work off campus as long as it is connected to the internet so it can reach the license server ( For people who need to take ArcGIS on cruises where there is no internet connection, you can check out a license before leaving.

For local installation problems/issues please contact Doug Myhre x31119.

To install ArcGIS 10:

Install it from the shared disk - \\ftp\Software\ArcGIS\ArcGIS_Desktop_10.4.1\Desktop\setup.exe
If asked for a username & password when connecting to \\ftp\Software, use the username "guest" with no password. If you're on a XP computer click the box to save the password. This will only work if you are on the Marine Science Network.

If the install asks you for the license server name - it's "" and then it should come up with the correct license information.


Can I install Microsoft products at home?


Answer: That depends.

The current site license with Microsoft allows certain users to install some Microsoft products on their home computers for USF related business. "This benefit is available to faculty, A&P and USPS employees who are employed on a salaried line, as well as adjunct faculty, graduate teaching assistants, and graduate research assistants who are employed on OPS."

You must sign the form: USF Microsoft Campus Agreement - Authorization For Single Personal Use Copy in order to use the software at home. You are also required to uninstall the software or purchase a copy if you leave USF plus all conditions stated on the authorization form you sign. Copies of the software may be purchased through the USF bookstore.

For current software covered - see CompuStore Site Licensed Software.

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