Angela Lodge

Angela Lodge
Angela Lodge

Training & Recruitment Coordinator
Social Scientist
Ph.D., International Seminary, 2009
Office Phone: 727.553.3921
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Areas of Interests

Human relations, youth development, teacher trainings, science and ocean education, ocean literacy.

Dr. Lodge has dedicated her professional career to improving the lives of others. Before joining USF College of Marine Science Dr. Lodge was a certified social worker and teacher for
Pinellas County Schools. She has held several social worker and other human relations positions that allowed her to relate with individuals from diverse racial and socio-cultural backgrounds.

She facilitates professional trainings geared towards helping individuals improve communication and interpersonal relation skills. She enjoys being able to work with teachers and graduate students to improve science learning for students.

As a member of the CMS Education and Outreach team Dr. Lodge combines her skills with the ocean scientists to bring a balanced holistic approach to the college. She coordinates and facilitates teacher trainings and field experiences for various education and community groups.

She implements and provides trainings that prepare the scientific team to communicate effectively with each other and with the teens that participate in the Oceanography Camp for Girls that she co-directs each summer. She combines her skills as a social scientist with the ocean scientists to make science learning fun and meaningful, in a way that truly sets her apart.

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