David F. Naar

Dr. David Naar, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Dr. David Naar, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Geological Oceanography
Ph.D., Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1990
Office Phone: 727.553.1637
Email: naar@usf.edu
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Research: Marine Magnetics; Mid-Ocean Ridge and Hotspot Interactions; Plate Tectonics; Wax Analog Modeling of Seafloor Spreading Processes, Seafloor Mapping of Fish Habitats, Artificial Reefs, Coral Reefs, Mines, Paleoshorelines, and Hydrothermal Vents’

Specialties: Sea Floor Mapping, Plate Tectonics

These research interests have been addressed with oceanographic seafloor mapping expeditions to the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Analyses of multibeam, magnetics, gravity, side-scan sonar are made in conjunction with insight from a seafloor spreading analog wax model. Ongoing projects include: Plate tectonic reconstruction of the Pacific-Nazca plates, Off-axis volcanism along the Easter Seamount Chain, and benthic habitat studies around Florida and the Bahamas.

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