Sean Beckwith

Sean Beckwith
Sean Beckwith

IT Support Specialist & Web Content Developer
Education:  M.S. in Marine Science
Concentration:  Geological Oceanography, College of Marine Science, University of South Florida
B.S. in Environmental Science, College of Natural Resources & Environment, University of Florida
Office Phone:  727.553.3558


A short paragraph or two describing what you do at the college

I currently work in two capacities:  Information Technology and Science Communication.  While neither of the roles directly require skills from the other, the cross-pollination that sometimes occurs between the two fields has been very beneficial.  Working with the Adobe Creative suite, I film, edit and produce videos and write articles showcasing current research that is conducted by professors, students, and researchers within the College of Marine Science.  I rely on my background in marine science to create accurate stories that reflect the most important aspects of the research, and I try to frame each story in a way that a general audience can appreciate.  Marine science occurs on ships, underwater, in the laboratory, and on computers through powerful, innovative software.  As I conduct interviews and learn from the researchers themselves, I hope to come away with a synthesis of the core scientific discoveries or improvements and to be able to relay the passion of the individual as I tell their story. 

Information Technology reaches nearly every group of people on the planet and affects each of us on a daily basis.  I think every oceanographer could tell you, perhaps grudgingly, that they spend far more time touching a computer keyboard than they spend touching water – or ice, rocks, sediment, clouds or whichever aspect(s) of the earth system they study.  It is critical, then, for everyone to familiarize themselves with computers to the limit that time allows.  I’m happy when I’ve been able to fix someone’s hardware or software issue, and I’m even happier if I’ve been able to explain the issue and the remedy. 

Four Quick Facts About Yourself

  • Enjoy surfing. Wish we had more waves to surf in west Florida. Wish I had time to surf if we had more waves to surf in west Florida.
  • Enjoy trying new beers, and breweries
  • Passion for world history and religion
  • Strong interest in Japanese language and culture