Brad E. Rosenheim

Brad E. Rosenheim
Brad E. Rosenheim

Associate Professor
Geological Oceanography
Ph.D. University of Miami, 2005
Office Phone: 727-553-3354
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Research: Paleoceanography/Paleoclimate, stable isotopes, carbon cycling

Specialties: Climate Change, Oceanography, Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Radiocarbon Dating, Oceanic Petroleum Pollution, Marine Ecosystems

Research in Brad Rosenheim’s group aims to constrain changes in climate and carbon cycling in the recent geologic past, from the anthropocene to the last glacial maximum. Researchers working with Dr. Rosenheim employ isotopic techniques including conventional stable isotope measurements (H, C, N, O), non-conventional stable isotope measurements (“clumped” isotopes in CO2 derived from carbonate minerals), and radioisotopic techniques including uranium system dating and radiocarbon analysis. Dr. Rosenheim’s group obtains geologic and oceanographic data from sediment, coral and sclerosponge skeletons, ice, and the open ocean water column. The group casts a broad approach to specific questions regarding climate and carbon cycling, resulting in success of obtaining research support from an equivalently broad section of NSF programs and other funding agencies that fund Earth Sciences.

For up-to-date laboratory activities and a list of recent publications and news, please visit the Rosenheim lab web page.

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