Chris Stallings

Chris Stallings
Chris Stallings

Associate Professor
Biological Oceanography
Ph.D. Oregon State University, 2007
Office Phone: 727.553.3371
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Research: Ecology; Marine conservation and management efforts

Specialties: Fisheries, Conservation, Marine Ecosystems, Ecology, Experimental Science

Research in Dr. Stallings’ lab focuses on basic concepts in ecology, yet includes a strong applied component to inform marine conservation and management efforts. Overarching efforts seek to estimate the abundance of marine organisms and examine the ecological processes that drive population and community dynamics. His lab’s questions are often framed to evaluate the effects of human activities, such as fishing and coastal development, on ecological systems. Therefore, much of the research is field-intensive and involves both experimental and large-scale observational approaches. However, the lab also incorporates an extensive laboratory component through mesocosm experiments and use of stable isotope analysis. Moreover, the Stallings Lab explores large datasets, using multivariate statistics and GIS to reveal broad-scale ecological patterns that may be further explored through focused regional field studies.

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