Ernst B. Peebles

Ernst B. Peebles
Ernst B. Peebles

Associate Professor
Biological Oceanography
Office Phone: 727.553.3983
Lab Phone: 727.553.1296
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Research: Biological Oceanography/Marine Resource Assessment

Specialties: Stable isotope Analysys, DNA Barcoding, Otolith Microchemistry 

Dr. Peebles’ research foci include: 1) spatio-temporal interactions between coastal fishes and their prey, particularly as these are affected by freshwater flows to the coast and other physical processes, to manage environmental flows into estuaries and to develop community-level metrics for establishing the extent of eutrophication in coastal water bodies; 2) use of stable isotope analysis to investigate factors that influence coastal biomass pathways to identify site fidelities and movements that determine geographic habitat connectivity; and 3) DNA barcoding and hydrodynamic models to our effort to characterize habitat connectivity during egg and larval stages.  In a related effort, we have been using otolith microchemistry (LA-ICP-MS) to connect adult fish to the geographic regions they used as nursery habitat and to detect exposure of individual fish to stressful events such as oil spills.

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