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Support marine ecosystem research by contributing to Benefunder.

The Ainsworth lab profile is located here.

Innovation in Philanthropy

Benefunder is a non-profit with a mission to close the deficit in funding for innovative research in the U.S. Our Charitable Innovation Fund is a new philanthropic platform that connects donors with researchers, reducing overhead and enabling engagement in new ways. Benefunder helps donors find, fund, and follow the areas of research and researchers that matter most to them using Benefunder’s proprietary matching capabilities. It provides researchers with a new opportunity to create lasting relationships with suitable patrons from across the country and generate recurring donations to fund their work and vision.

How We Work with Researchers

Benefunder partners with universities and top researchers in Healthcare, Advanced Technology, the Environment and Social Sciences to provide a spectrum of philanthropic opportunity to our donor community.  We ensure that donations go to their intended use, for vetted research programs, with one of the lowest overhead costs of any foundation. Researchers create and manage their profiles on our site, keeping donors informed with up-to-date information regarding their work.

Participating in the Charitable Innovation Fund

Donors create their own personal Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with Benefunder including a giving profile outlining the areas that matter most to them. Your DAF account gives you maximum tax deduction benefits and grant flexibility to contribute to research initiatives that inspire you as often as you like. All with full anonymity if desired. The primary difference is Benefunder directly matches you with appropriate causes in a variety of research fields, not just one “cause”. You can to donate to as many researchers you choose. With Benefunder’s Charitable Innovation Fund you will be guided to develop your portfolio of giving, advise, organize and follow the research directly from your personalized website.

Why Benefunder Matters

Benefunder is changing the philanthropic paradigm.  No more high overhead, ambiguous impact and little feedback.  We are building a donor centric platform, the “e-Harmony” for patronage in research.  The Benefunder Charitable Innovation Fund is a tax deductible account –  connecting you to research and ideas that inspire you and allowing for a planned giving strategy. You can also rest assured that your money goes to its intended purpose – 90% of all donations go directly to the cause.

Benefunder – A Smarter Way to Give

Phil Levin

Phone: 858.215.1136

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To contact Benefunder:
Phone: 858.215.1136

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