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Field work in Indonesia

Trawl survey


I use a variety of deterministic and stochastic modelling tools, including end-to-end modelling approaches, species-level models and my own contributions (2) to simulate functioning of marine ecosystems. 

Much of my work has been done in data-limited areas, so fieldwork to collect new information remains an important component of my studies. I have conducted community interviews in British Columbia (1), Indonesia (5) and Mexico (3), coordinated stomach content studies in Indonesia and Mexico (6, 7), and performed trawl and video surveys to study vessel avoidance behaviour in fish. 

Integrating field information with existing datasets often requires the development of new synthesis methods, and I have used statistical approaches (7), fuzzy logic systems (3,5) and Monte Carlo methods (4, 6, 8) for this purpose. 



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Marine food web of the Gulf of California

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