Alumni Vignettes

Kristine Clark

About my research

Kris Clark is a graduate student at USF’s College of Marine Science and DEEPEND research assistant in Dr. Heather Judkins’ lab. She plans to obtain her Master’s Degree in Biological Oceanography. Her master’s thesis is focused on pelagic marine heteropoda vertical distribution and eye diameter size correlations in the water column and examining population genetics. As a research assistant to Dr. Heather Judkins at USFSP, her role focuses on the genomic and morphological identification of various cephalopoda. Kris is a life long ocean enthusiast which compliments her work with DEEPEND and her educational pursuits.


USF-CMS was enabled me the opportunity to couple biological science and microbiology to further my research as a graduate student. The faculty advisors were a major attraction for me to this program for the mentorship I greatly wished to work under. The campus in St. Petersburg is beautifully situated right on the bay. USF-CMS gives me confidence in knowing that I will have the education, the support and the facilities to succeed with my research goals.

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