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The Center for the Integrated Modeling and Analysis of the Gulf Ecosystem

A tale of two Gulf spills: A research consortium of 17 institutions from 5 countries studying the impacts of oil spills on the Gulf of Mexico.

C-IMAGE Professional Development Workshops

  • Friday, 16 March 2018
Outreach Team

2013 Storytelling Workshop - Hosted by Ari Daniel Shapiro (@mesoplodon)

Scientists sometimes lose their audiences in the details of their research. This workshop focused on telling a story about science and connecting with the audience rather than just explaining the facts. Participants practiced skills used in communicating with the general public, media, and through social media outlets to strengthen their message about their research.The workshop welcomed researcher from GoMRI, C-IMAGE, Carthe, ECOGIG, DeepC, Center for Ocean Leadership, Florida Institute of Oceanography, and LUMCON.

Science Communication Workshop

2016 Science Communication Workshop - Hosted by Julia Kumari Drapkin (@juliakumari)

'What's your why?' was the driving question behind the second science communication workshop. Rather than explaining what research is performed, participants focused on the personal story behind their research and what motivates them to continually ask challenging questions about oil spill research. Te workshop hosted students from the C-IMAGE, DEEPEND, Recover, and Carthe consortia.

proposal writing

2017 Proposal Writing Workshop - Hosted by Kelly Kryc

The goal of this workshop was to familiarize early career scientists with identifying funding opportunities, both public and private foundations, and prepare a research topic to potentially apply for funding. The workshop was led by researchers with two views of the application process, what should be included when writing, and what is evaluated when reviewing funding applications. The workshop welcomed researchers from the C-IMAGE, Recover, ECOGIG, and DeepC consortia.

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Podcasts from The Loop

The Loop is a series of podcasts which take an in depth look at C-IMAGE research. Partnering with Mind Open Media reporters Ari Daniel Shapiro and David Levin, our researchers share the importance of their studies and how they help our understanding of oil spills. David and Ari have produced eight podcasts and have more in the queue. The podcasts are linked below. Plug in and learn about our research!

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