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The Center for the Integrated Modeling and Analysis of the Gulf Ecosystem

A tale of two Gulf spills: A research consortium of 17 institutions from 5 countries studying the impacts of oil spills on the Gulf of Mexico.

Ecosystem Modeling

Ecosystem Modeling – Dr. Cam Ainsworth – University of South Florida-College of Marine Science

To synthesize the efforts of the other five tasks, ecosystem modeles have been developed for the Deepwater Horizon recovery (Atlantis) and Ixtoc I recovery (Campechec Bay Model). These models estimate the long-term recovery of fisheries, benthic, or planktic communities following oil spills. Future work will continue to incorporate C-IMAGE-wide studies, especially the impacts of MOSSFA events on the recovery of Gulf ecosystems.

Podcasts from The Loop

The Loop is a series of podcasts which take an in depth look at C-IMAGE research. Partnering with Mind Open Media reporters Ari Daniel Shapiro and David Levin, our researchers share the importance of their studies and how they help our understanding of oil spills. David and Ari have produced eight podcasts and have more in the queue. The podcasts are linked below. Plug in and learn about our research!

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