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High-Pressure Biodegradation

High-Pressure Biodegradation

High-Pressure Biodegradation – Dr. Andreas Liese – Technical University of Hamburg

The degradation of oil, methane, and changes in bacterial communities during biodegradation are tested in pressurized vessels. Rhodococcus PC20 from Gulf of Mexico sediments is used to measure differences in pressurized and ambient conditions. The Institute of Biocatalysis at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) studies three aspect of the biodegradation process

  • Microbial degradation of oil at high pressure and low temperatures
  • Microbial degradation of methane at high pressure and low temperature
  • Changes in bacterial communities during degradation of oil and methane

The Gorigia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is collaborating with TUHH in comparing results from high pressure experiments. Integrating of the impacts of dispersants in high-pressure degradation will help understand the impacts of deep-sea dispersant injections.

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