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The Loop Podcasts Available On ITunes

The Loop podcasts available on iTunes

Download all of the podcast segments of The Loop available on Applie iTunes.

iTunes: The Loop

The Loop takes a deep dive into the Gulf of Mexico with the researchers studying the processes, mechanisms, and impacts of after two mega oil spills, Deepwater Horizon and Ixtoc I. Researchers from C-IMAGE discuss their studies with David Levin of Mind Open Media. The goal of C-IMAGE is to advance understanding of the fundamental processes and mechanisms of marine blowouts and their consequences, ensuring that society is better-prepared to mitigate future events. C-IMAGE research was made possible by a grant from The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.

Episodes include:

  • The Cuban Connection: Spills & Science Diplomacy – Episode 11
  • The Risks for Fish – Episode 10
  • Mapping Oil Spills by Satellite – Episode 9
  • Return to Ixtox – Episode 8
  • The Gulf’s Big Blowout – Episode 7
  • Dispersants and New Solutions – Episode 6
  • Under Pressure – Episode 5
  • Modeling the Gulf – Episode 4
  • The Little Guys – Episode 3
  • The Mud and the Blood – Episode 2
  • Overview of C-IMAGE – Episode 1
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