Student Vignettes

  • Graduate Student - Juan Millan-Otoya

    Juan Millan-Otoya

    Juan Millan-Otoya is pursuing a doctorate in marine biology with a concentration in chemical oceanography. He grew up in Colombia,…

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  • Graduate Student - Catherine Prunella

    Catherine Prunella

    About my research: My research aims to understand how ocean temperatures affect Antarctic ice sheet stability. Warm waters are implicated…

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  • Graduate Student - Kate Dubickas

    Kate Dubickas

    About my research: A project in the Kendra Daly Zooplankton Ecology Lab focuses on identifying changes to zooplankton ecology relative…

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  • Graduate Student - Kristina Deak

    Kristina Deak

    About my research: My research examines how exposure to oil and dispersants impacts the immune system of commercially-relevant, non-model fishes…

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  • Graduate Student - Kristine Clark

    Kristine Clark

    About my research: Kris Clark is a graduate student at USF’s College of Marine Science and DEEPEND research assistant in…

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  • Graduate Student - Shannon Burns

    Shannon Burns

    About my research: As a Ph.D. student in Dr. Kristen Buck’s lab, I am investigating the feedbacks among phytoplankton communities…

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  • Graduate Student - Bryan O'Malley

    Bryan O’Malley

    About my research: “Bryan O’Malley is a researcher in the PaleoLab who studies the how the Deepwater Horizon blowout has…

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  • Graduate Student - Jeremy Browning

    Jeremy Browning

    About my research: I am presently concerned with planktonic fish eggs. Where are certain species spawning? Why did they choose…

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  • Graduate Student - Gabriel Browning

    Gabriel Browning

    About my research: As a part of Dr. Kristen Buck’s lab, I study the biogeochemical cycling of trace metals in…

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  • Graduate Student - Julie Vecchio

    Julie Vecchio

    About my research: I use natural tags to study the movements and food habits of economically important reef fish species…

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  • Graduate Student - Tiffany Boisvert

    Tiffany Boisvert

    About my research: For my Master’s thesis, I will be assessing the effectiveness of restoration and out-planting success of coral…

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  • Graduate Student - Kelly Vasbinder

    Kelly Vasbinder

    About my research: I work in the Fisheries and Ecosystem Ecology Lab, and my advisor is Dr. Cameron Ainsworth. The…

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  • Graduate Student - Nicholas Underwood

    Nicholas Underwood

    About my research: My research under Dr. Chambers is focusing on hurricane genesis in the Atlantic Ocean. Using data collected…

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  • Graduate Student - Thea Bartlett

    Thea Bartlett

    About my research: I have just started a project trying to match the sedimentary record to recorded history in Cuba.…

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  • Graduate Student - Susan Snyder

    Susan Snyder

    About my research: My research with Dr. Steve Murawski aims to understand exposure and accumulation of toxic oil-related compounds in…

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