Student Vignettes

  • Photo of Carey Schafer

    Carey Schafer

    About my research Mangrove forests occupy a small area globally yet store a disproportionately large amount of carbon, acting as…

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  • Photo of Dylan Peck

    Dylan Peck

    About my research I am a third-year M.S. student in the Rosenheim lab.  My research focuses on seasonal lake sediments,…

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  • Photo of Tynisha Martin

    Tynisha Martin

    About my research I am a first-year student seeking a Master of Science degree in Marine Science with a concentration…

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  • Photo of Alexander Manos

    Alexander Manos

    About my research Working in Dr. Chuanmin Hu’s lab, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in marine science. My research…

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  • Photo of Kiersten Monahan

    Kiersten Monahan

    About my research I’m working with Dr. Brad Rosenheim to determine the fate of terrestrial organic carbon in the ocean.…

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  • Photo of Catherine Prunella

    Catherine Prunella

    About my research Today, Antarctica’s ice sheets are losing mass, and ice loss is concentrated in areas where Southern Ocean…

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  • Photo of Catherine Dietrick

    Catherine Dietrick

    About my research I have not yet started my research here at CMS just yet, but here is my background…

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  • Photo of Alexander Timpe

    Alexander Timpe

    About my research My research deals with the physiological response of organisms to changes their environment, as measured by the…

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  • Photo of Yao Yao

    Yao Yao

    About my research Hi, I am Yao Yao, an international student from China. I got my bachelor degree in hydrology…

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  • Photo of Imogen Browne

    Imogen Browne

    About my research I am a fifth year Ph.D. student in the Shevenell Lab. My research focuses on understanding the…

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  • Photo of Kara Vadman

    Kara Vadman

    About my research My Ph.D. research utilizes the geologic record to advance our understanding of ice-ocean interactions taking place in…

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  • Photo of Michelle Guitard

    Michelle Guitard

    About my research My research focuses on reconstructing the history of the Antarctic Ice Sheet on through the Pleistocene (last…

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  • Photo of Laura Azevedo

    Laura Azevedo

    About my research My research is focused on the integration of AIS maritime data with meteorological and oceanographic / weather…

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  • Photo of Martina Plafcan

    Martina Plafcan

    About my research As a part of Dr. Chris Stallings’ lab, I am pursuing my Master’s in Marine Science with…

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  • Photo of Natalia Lopez Figueroa

    Natalia Lopez Figueroa

    About my research Be very, very quiet… I’m hunting viruses! My research focuses on exploring viral diversity in aquatic vegetation.…

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