Student Vignettes

  • Graduate Student - Kelly Vasbinder

    Kelly Vasbinder

    About my research: I work in the Fisheries and Ecosystem Ecology Lab, and my advisor is Dr. Cameron Ainsworth. The…

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  • Graduate Student - Nicholas Underwood

    Nicholas Underwood

    About my research: My research under Dr. Chambers is focusing on hurricane genesis in the Atlantic Ocean. Using data collected…

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  • Graduate Student - Thea Bartlett

    Thea Bartlett

    About my research: I have just started a project trying to match the sedimentary record to recorded history in Cuba.…

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  • Graduate Student - Susan Snyder

    Susan Snyder

    About my research: My research with Dr. Steve Murawski aims to understand exposure and accumulation of toxic oil-related compounds in…

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  • Graduate Student - Ryan Simonson

    Ryan Simonson

    About my research: I am currently studying Physical Oceanography under Dr. Don Chambers and am assisting in the mapping of…

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  • Graduate Student - Jonathan Sharp

    Jonathan Sharp

    About my research: I am studying marine chemistry in Dr. Robert Byrne’s CO2 Sensors Lab. My research mainly focuses on…

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  • Graduate Student - Rebecca Scott

    Rebecca Scott

    About my research: My research interests include fisheries community ecology and the sustainable management of commercially important fish populations. As…

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  • Graduate Student - Luis D. Lizcano Sandoval

    Luis D. Lizcano Sandoval

    About my research: My research focuses on the Marine Biodiversity Observation Network Pole to Pole in the Americas (MBON P2P)…

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  • Graduate Student - Alexander K. Nickerson

    Alexander K. Nickerson

    About my research: I specialize in thermal analysis of the oceanic surface layer.  My past experience includes climate analysis and…

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  • Graduate Student - Adrienne Hollister

    Adrienne Hollister

    About my research: I am a third year Masters student in Kristen Buck’s trace metal biogeochemistry lab, and my thesis…

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