We thank our Sponsors!
The National Science Foundation (NSF) provides the lion's share of
financial support for the GK-12 OCEANS Program. The NSF's Division of
Graduate Education is the sponsor of the GK-12 Teaching Fellowship
program that has provided fellowship awards to over 100 higher education
institutions nationally. NSF's Division of Geosciences is the science
disipline supporing the GK-12 OCEANS Program in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The College of Marine Science (CMS) implements and manages the GK-12
OCEANS Program under the leadership of Teresa Greely, Ashanti Pyrtle,
Angela Lodge, and Sandy Ivey. The CMS supports the recruitment,
training, and school year support of all GK-12 OCEANS participants.
GK-12 Graduate Teaching Fellows are graduate students enrolled in the
College of Marine Science who are pre-professional ocean scientists
preparing for science careers.

Pinellas County Schools are the partner school district for the GK-12
OCEANS Program. GK-12 Teacher Mentors are Pinellas County teachers
serving in K-12 science classrooms. School district administrators
assist in teacher recruitment, conference travel, school based
activities, and program logistics.

Progress Energy Foundation provides financial support for GK-12 OCEANS
summer training. Specifically, the PE Foundation supports the
Oceanography Camp for Girls ( GK-12
Fellows serve as science mentors during the Oceanography Camp for Girls.
During the camp experience GK-12 Fellows practice, develop, and advance
their abilities to communicate and teach science to teenage girls (e.g.
a non-scientific community of learners). This is great preparation for
their K-12 classroom teaching experience that begins after summer training.

The USF St. Petersburg campus is a partner institution that provides
the lion's share of GK-12 Undergraduate Fellows. USF St. Petersburg
recruits advanced undergraduate students from the College of Arts and
Sciences who are pursuing degrees in science. The Environmental Science
and Geography program are primary participants in the GK-12 OCEANS Program.