Degree Programs and Curriculum

We offer Masters and PhD degrees and are committed to providing one of the highest quality graduate programs in the country. At the same time we are always looking for opportunities to enhance the undergraduate mission of the university. We have a strong Education and Outreach program that reaches many secondary school age children in our region. We are also looking to expand certificate opportunities for working professionals in our area and beyond.

Oceanography, the study of all aspects of the oceans, is a very complex discipline, and many terms have been applied to describe its components. Marine Science is considered a synonym for Oceanography, and so our college is called the USF College of Marine Science, or CMS.

The fundamental concepts of Oceanography have been divided into four groups that, taken together, apply to or cover all of the major processes within the oceans. Not surprisingly, the four groups are aligned with four major academic sciences: physics, chemistry, biology, and geology. The concentration in Marine Resource Assessment focuses on biology and aspects of the other three sciences.

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