Aquarium Lab

Climate Dynamics Lab

CO2 Sensors Lab

Data Assimilation Lab

Electron Microscope Lab

Marine Genomics Lab

Marine Metal Isotope and Trace Element Laboratory

Marine Microbiology Lab

Micronekton Lab

Oceanic Nutrient Lab

Optical Oceanography Lab

Physiology Lab

Remote Sensing Lab

Satellite Oceanography Lab

Tampa Bay Plasma Facility (ICPMS)

Radio Geochemistry Lab

KRC Teaching Lab


Biological Oceanography


Marine Fluorescence


– Physiology

Institute for Marine Remote Sensing (ImaRS)


Chemical Oceanography

– Organic geochemistry

Optical Oceanography


Geological Oceanography

– Geophysics

Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology

Reef Indicators

Rosenheim Group

– Seafloor mapping


Physical Oceanography

Ocean Circulation

Ocean Modeling and Prediction

Satellite Oceanography Laboratory Website


Four Ocean Modeling, Ocean Sensors, and Real-Time Data Systems

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