Karyna Rosario

Dr. Karyna Rosario is a research associate at the Marine Genomics Laboratory led by Dr. Mya Breitbart at the University of South Florida. Throughout her career Dr. Rosario has employed metagenomic approaches to describe viral diversity in different environments and organisms. Notable work includes:

Dr. Rosario’s current research focuses on investigating viruses found in aquatic vegetation, including seagrasses and vegetation found within Florida’s freshwater springs. She also collaborates with researchers investigating parasite-associated viruses, as part of the Parasite Microbiome Project initiative, and viruses in alternative freshwater supplies. Check out all of her papers. In addition to her own research, Dr. Rosario oversees undergraduate and graduate student projects in the lab and enjoys participating in outreach activities to teach the general public and K-12 students about environmental microbiology.

Contact Karyna: krosari2@mail.usf.edu

Photos by Amanda Sosnowski at Terrene Visions (www.terrenevisions.com @terrenevisions)

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