Meet the Directors

Teresa Greely, Ph.D. (Program Director)

Teresa Greely

Welcome to the Oceanography Camp for Girls and the USF College of Marine Science! I look forward to working with everyone. My science background is as an ocean biologist with degrees in Natural Sciences (New College), Marine Sciences (USF), and Science Education (USF). My research has been in the area of marine ecology and physiology to help understand how animals, primarily fish, are adapted to live where they live in the ocean, and to determine their contribution to global carbon cycling. This amazing career in ocean sciences and education have taken me to many places—aboard an icebreaker in the Southern Ocean to study deep water fishes, diving in submersibles for jellies, aboard the R/V Atlantis to film hydrothermal vents with Alvin, and sailing aboard the R/V Joides Resolution to collect sediment cores from the deep ocean floor. I have been blessed to gain a lot of “real world” experience as a scientist. Now I have the joy of teaching and training college students and teachers about the ocean and researching ocean literacy. I also work with other scientists and graduate students who are interested in developing their teaching and communication about the ocean. For fun I listen to music, cycle, paddle, try to dance, hike, water ski, and enjoy being around people, especially my family and friends. I have been with the OCG since 1992.



Paul Aunspaugh, (Co-Director)

Greetings, campers! My name is Paul, or Luap, as I am called at camp. I was a middle school science teacher for 19 years and I have been part of OCG staff since 1996. Everyday I continue to enjoy teaching, sharing, and learning. I enjoy working with youth and have always supported the idea that females can accomplish more than what they have been allowed to do. I am a retired Air Force member who taught the first female aircraft multi-engine mechanics and deployed the first female F-15 aircraft mechanics. In both cases, these strong women demonstrated their ability to complete their mission (and in most cases, even better than their counterparts!). I have a B.A. in Industrial Arts and a M.B.A. in Aeronautics. I have also completed numerous Master’s level courses in science. I was born in 1947 and the oceans have been a passion and part of my life since shortly thereafter. I learned to SCUBA dive when I was 20 and eventually earned PADI’s master diver rating. I have explored various locations in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and am always looking to the next dive.