Xinfeng Liang (cv)
Assistant Professor
College of Marine Science
University of South Florida
140 7th Ave S
St Petersburg, FL 33701
Phone: 727-553-3507

I am a physical oceanographer in the College of Marine Science at USF. My long-range goal is to pursue a career in academia as a “climate-minded” oceanographer who understands how the ocean works and how the ocean is affected by and responds to the ever-changing climate. I am particularly interested in the connection and exchange between the upper and deep layers of the global ocean and their implications for climate change. My previous and current research generally fall into two topics: 1) influences of mesoscale eddies on the deep ocean physical, biological and geological processes, and 2) vertical transport of heat, salt and other tracers and its variation with climate. My studies are mainly carried out by analyzing in situ and satellite measurements, examining ocean state estimates (ECCO) as well as running numerical models (MITgcm).