Marcy L. Cockrell

Graduate Student - Marcy L. Cockrell
Graduate Student – Marcy L. Cockrell

About my research:

My research is focused on fisheries management and conservation. I’m specifically interested in the biology, ecology, and policy related to sustainable marine fisheries. My dissertation work at USF involves examining the impacts of four existing closed areas on the West Florida Shelf – how the management strategies used in these areas has affected both the fish populations they are meant to protect and the fishermen that rely on the resources within them. I will be carrying out projects to better understand the source/sink dynamics and connectivity of fish populations, the ecology of multi-species fisheries, and changes in fishing patterns in response to various management strategies. Ultimately, I will aim to evaluate the benefits and efficacy of existing West Florida Shelf closed areas. My research will contribute to the larger body of work that seeks to understand how marine protected areas can be used as an effective fisheries management tool.


The College of Marine Science has Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico in its backyard, both of which are excellent natural laboratories for marine science research. CMS is also located in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. The college has strong partnerships with scientists at the National Marine Fisheries Service, US Geological Survey, and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.

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