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Audiences treated to four excellent talks at the ESLS 2019


View our blog summaries below from the 2019 Eminent Scholars Lecture Series.


Maria Dornelas, Ph.D., speaking to the audience about gains and losses in biodiversity.

Dr. Maria Dornelas presented “Gains and losses of biodiversity”

View the blog entry here.





Sean Gulick, Ph.D., describes to the audience the rock content found in the drill cores of the Chicxulub crater.

Dr. Sean Gulick presented “Life and death by impact:  Drilling for clues”

View the blog entry here.





Tina van De Flierdt, Ph.D., speaks to the crowd during her seminar on past, and future, global warming events.

Dr. Tina van De Flierdt presented “Drilling back to the future:  Secrets hidden in the chemistry of ancient dirt”

View the blog entry here.





Andrew Thompson, Ph.D., describes ocean circulation around Antarctica and the fate of the ice sheets.

Dr. Andrew Thompson presented “Enemy at the gates:  Ocean circulation and the fate of Antarctic ice sheets”

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