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Girls Inc of Pinellas visits the College of Marine Science

Written by Sean Beckwith, Web Content Developer for USFCMS

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – Over 30 girls, ages 7 to 9, visited the College of Marine Science to interact with the faculty, researchers, and student scientists on campus. The afterschool program blooms into a full camp during the summer months, touring a variety of facilities and interacting with members of the various organizations to exercise mind and body and expand the campers’ horizons. Led by Makenzie Burrows and Ellie Hudson-Heck, a group of students from CMS and other participants showed the girls what it means to be a marine scientist by creating several hands-on activities to emphasize some important discoveries made in marine science, from the microscopic to the global.

Participants from the Florida Institute for Oceanography and from the CMS Ocean Technology Group added richly to the program of activities through demonstrations and explanations of the technology utilized at sea and in the laboratory.

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