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The Blue Economy Imperative: Creating Sustainable Blue Growth

Written By: John R. Miles, EVP & Associate Publisher of Bold Business

TAMPA, FL – With the threat of climate change, the notion of a “Green Economy” has garnered a lot of press in recent years. Which is good – the world needs sustainable development to help reduce environmental risks. But the concept of a “Blue Economy” is often overlooked.  That is astounding, as the Blue Economy is responsible for trillions of dollars of revenue each year. After all, oceans provide transportation for more than 90% of all traded goods. In addition, the Blue Economy supports millions in various related industries and sectors. But this represents a small fraction of the impact oceans and waterways have on the global economy.

Water scarcity, climate change, and marine food shortages demand new Blue Economy initiatives. These Blue Economy initiatives require a fresh, innovative take on opportunities for the future. It’s time for bold businesses to step up to the plate and consider radically new approaches to solve these dilemmas. Bold Business considers this of paramount importance to societies future. This is our first article introducing a series to discuss different components of the Blue Economy and how it is vital to the future prosperity of humanity.

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