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USF Robotic Glider Mission is one of USF’s top stories of 2018

TAMPA, FL - The University of South Florida had a great year full of significant accomplishments in every area of the university system. USF is at the top thanks to much dedicated work done by our faculty, researchers, students and supporters.  View top 2018 stories

USF College of Marine Science's red tide/glider story is featured as one of USF's top stories of 2018.

Marine Scientists Help Lead Research of Florida’s Serious Red Tide Problem
A spotlight is shined on USF marine scientists for their expertise on red tide. The harmful algal bloom became a significant concern across much of Florida’s west coast. It’s caused respiratory problems, damaged tourism and beaches, even killed marine life. USF launched a robotic glider to detect the source of red tide, data in which is being used by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

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