Oceanography Camp for Girls

Oceanography Camp for Girls kicks off

  • Marine Chemistry LabMarine Chemistry Lab
    Marine Chemistry (It’s just watered-down chemistry!) Lab leaders: Shannon Burns, Juan Millan-Otoya, & Casey Nickel Peer counselor: Abigail Dudinsky   Goals: Life in the ocean comes in many sizes, even sizes too small for the human eye to see (microscopic sizes). The first goal of day one of the marine… Read more »
  • OCG is the place for me!OCG is the place for me!
    OCG is the place for me: Celebrating our campers’ achievements and friendship on OCG celebration day! Just like that, Oceanography Camp for Girls draws to a close! Camp might be winding down, but it wouldn’t be OCG if we didn’t take time to celebrate all that the campers have accomplished.… Read more »
  • Get to Know the Staff – Ryan’s Passion!Get to Know the Staff – Ryan’s Passion!
    I am passionate about many things but staying active and physically capable is probably foremost on my list. There are so many benefits to being physically fit and athletic. Being fit allows greater focus and endurance in the classroom. It allows us to complete more fieldwork in less hospitable conditions.… Read more »
  • Maps, Models, and Marine ResourcesMaps, Models, and Marine Resources
    Week two of OCG, which is filled with various lab days, has come to an end! One of the seven labs that our campers could experience this past week was the Marine Protection lab, deigned to teach campers all about the tools of the trade used by fisheries scientists to… Read more »
  • The Ins and Outs of FishThe Ins and Outs of Fish
    I’ve had the pleasure of leading the Fish Ecology Lab for four years now and every year is always an adventure. As both a fisherman and a scientist, this lab has always been very important to me because not only do we learn about fish and why they are important… Read more »
  • One Piece at a TimeOne Piece at a Time
    Lab: Marine Mammal Comparative Anatomy Lab Leaders: Kyle Amergian & Savannah Hartman   There was a buzz in the room as the girls scurried about like worker bees, with odd shards of white in their hands. To an onlooker it may have looked like the girls were wielding abnormal batons,… Read more »
  • Understanding Barrier IslandsUnderstanding Barrier Islands
    Caladesi Island – home to some of the most beautiful natural beaches in the country, according to our ferry captain. What he failed to mention is that Caladesi Island is moving beneath our feet! We brought the campers to Caladesi not to enjoy the natural scenery (although that was a… Read more »
  • Going Out On a Limb for MangrovesGoing Out On a Limb for Mangroves
    It was 9 o’clock in the morning and the sweat was already dripping off of our noses. I looked around at my campers and hoped to see a smiling face… of which there wasn’t any. They were hot, sweaty, and ready for the day to be over with, but I… Read more »
  • All Aboard! OCG Goes Out to SeaAll Aboard! OCG Goes Out to Sea
    OCG campers arrived at the USF docks bright and early for their research cruise.  As the sun rose, we boarded the R/V ANGARI ready for a day of sampling at sea! The girls headed up to the top deck to meet Captain Angela and the crew, and we started the… Read more »
  • Get to Know the Staff – Our Artistic SideGet to Know the Staff – Our Artistic Side
    Science Mentor – Kyle Amergian Hello! My name is Kyle Amergian. This is my second year working for the Oceanography Camp for Girls. I am currently working on my Master’s degree in biological oceanography at the USF College of Marine Science. Before this I got my undergraduate degree in Marine… Read more »
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