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Kelley Anderson, M.Sc. 2008
Thesis: Site assessment for artificial reef placement in Pasco County, Florida

Lore Ayoub, Ph.D. 2009
Dissertation: Calibrating a bioindicator for photooxidative stress on coral reefs

Rebekah Baker, M.Sc. 2008
Thesis: Distribution of clionid sponges in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS), 2001-2003

Libby Carnahan, M.Sc. 2005
Thesis: Foraminiferal assemblages as bioindicators of potentially toxic elements in Biscayne Bay, Florida

Nicole Caesar, M.Sc. 2006
Thesis: An evaluation of the Along Track Reef Imaging System (ATRIS) for efficient reef monitoring and rapid groundtruthing of EAARL Lidar

Elizabeth Cockey, M.Sc. 1994
Thesis: Decadal-scale changes in benthic foraminiferal assemblages in reef-tract sediments off Key Largo, Florida

Theresa Cottey, M.Sc. 1987
Thesis: Taphonomic studies of the tests of Archaias angulatus (Foraminiferida)

Heidi Crevison, M.Sc. 2001
Thesis: Sediment cores from the Florida reef tract: Is resolution sufficient for environmental applications?

Camille Daniels, M.Sc. 2005
Thesis: Coral reef assessment: An index utilizing sediment constituents

Thomas Dix, Ph.D. 2001
Dissertation: The distribution and ecology of benthic Foraminifera of Tampa Bay, Florida

Kelly Boomer Donnelly, M.Sc. 1993
Thesis: Characterization of the foraminiferal assemblage off the southwest coast of Puerto Rico at La Parguera

Jennifer Dupont, Ph.D. 2009
Dissertation: Effects of the 2005 red tide on epibenthic macroinvertebrate and fish communities in the eastern Gulf of Mexico: Could artificial reefs be effective mitigation tools?

Elizabeth Fisher, Ph.D. 2007
Dissertation: Assessing the health of coral reef ecosystems in the Florida Keys at community, individual, and cellular scales

Kathryn Fitzsimmons, M.Sc. 1996
Thesis: Cycles of gonadal development in six common gorgonians from Biscayne National Park in the northern Florida Keys

Julie Garrett, M.Sc. 1994
Thesis: Chlorophyll a and nutrient measurements in sea-surface waters of the Nicaraguan Rise

Dana Gaydos, M.Sc. 2006
Thesis: Modeling the advantages and disadvantages of the coral-algal symbiosis

Steve Gustafson, M.Sc. 2006
Thesis: Assessment of image analysis as a measure of Scleractinian coral growth

Keith Hackett, M.Sc. 2002
Thesis: A comparative study of two video analysis methods to determine percent cover of stony coral species on the Florida Keys

Jodi Harney, M.Sc. 1996
Thesis: Morphological variability in stressed Amphistegina gibbosa (Foraminiferida) in the Florida Keys

Ana Coye Hoare, M.Sc. 2002
Thesis: Analysis of Biscayne Bay sediments: Do benthic Foraminifera reflect trace metal contamination?

Jen Jacukiewicz, M.Sc. 2002
Thesis: Foraminiferal assemblages in lagoonal sediments of Glovers Reef Atoll, Belize

Bryan McCloskey, Ph.D. 2009
Dissertation: Effects of hydrothermally-induced high arsenic concentration on diversity of Foraminifera in Paupa New Guinea

Matthew J. Lybolt, M.Sc. 2003
Thesis: Count or PointCount: Is percent octocoral cover an adequate proxy for octocoral abundance?

Melanie Dotherow McField, Ph.D. 2001
Dissertation: The influence of disturbance and management on coral reef community structure in Belize

Dawn Olson, M.Sc. 1998
Thesis: Spatial patterns of reflectance in Florida Bay from 1972-1992: Change detection analysis of Landsat Multispectral Scanner data

Matt Patterson, M.Sc. 1999
Thesis: Sponge (Phylum Porifera) distribution on Florida Keys reefs

Mark Peebles, Ph.D. 1993
Dissertation: Carbonate sedimentology and foraminiferal ecology of deep, current-swept platforms, northern Nicaraguan Rise, Caribbean Sea

Alexa Ramirez, M.Sc. 2008
Thesis: Mapping foraminiferal assemblages on patch reefs throughout Biscayne Bay, FL

Kathryn Sheps, M.Sc. 2004
Thesis: Quantitative paleoenvironmental analysis of carbonate platfrom sediments on the Marion Plateau (NE Australia, ODP Leg 194)

Heidi Souder, Ph.D. 2009
Dissertation: The effects of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide on marine calcifiers, specifically symbiont-bearing Foraminifera

Helen Talge, M.Sc. 1991
Thesis: Impact of recreational divers on scleractinian corals of the Florida Keys

Helen Talge, Ph.D. 2002
Dissertation: Cytology of symbiont loss (bleaching) in Amphistegina gibbosa (class Foraminifera)

Strawn Knaupp Toler, M.Sc. 1993
Thesis: Characterization of the shell soluble matrix proteins from six genera of Soritacea Foraminifera

Strawn Toler, Ph.D. 2002
Dissertation: A study of test breakage and calcification in bleaching-stressed Amphistegina gibbosa (Foraminifera)

Nina Triffleman, M.Sc. 1989
Thesis: Morphology, sediments and depositional environments of a partially drowned carbonate platform: Serranilla Bank - southwest Caribbean Sea

Nicole Turkson, M.Sc. 2000
Thesis: Mechanisms of multidrug resistance in a human uterine sarcoma cell line following exposure to discodermolide, a new microtubule-stabilizing compound from a marine sponge

Rob Walker, M.Sc. 2004
Thesis: Photosynthesis and respiration in five species of benthic Foraminifera that host algal symbionts

Dana Williams, Ph.D. 2002
Dissertation: Population ecology of bleaching-stressed Amphistegina gibbosa in the Florida Keys (1991-1999): Influence of solar radiation on reef-dwelling Foraminifera

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