Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry Facility

Lab Manager: Ethan Goddard

The Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry Facility is capable of measuring the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen stable isotope compositions in a variety of geologic and biologic materials including carbonates, waters, tissues, plants, bone/enamel/apatite and isolated organic compounds (alkanes, fatty acids, biomarkers).

Facility Instrumentation:

Thermo MAT253 IRMS w/ dual-inlet and continuous-flow inlets coupled to a Gas-Bench II prep device for headspace analysis of CO2 (DIC, carbonates, water-d18O)

Thermo Delta+XL IRMS w/ continuous-flow inlet coupled to Carlo-Erba 2500-II EA, Thermo TC/EA, Gas-Bench II headpace sampling device and Thermo GC-C/TC for compound-specific d15N, d13C, d18O, dD stable isotope analysis of GC amenable compounds (typically fatty-acids, amino-acids, alkanes/hydrocarbons)

Thermo Delta+XL IRMS w/ dual-inlet coupled to Kiel-III carbonate preparation system

Associated PI’s and Staff: Hollander (organic biogeochemistry), Shevenell (paleoceanography), Rosenheim (geochemistry), Domack (paleoceanography), Peebles (MRA/Fisheries Ecology), Stallings (MRA/Fisheries Ecology), Tykot (archeometry), Goddard (Technical Staff)

Contact: Ethan Goddard for more information or to inquire about collaborative research or analytical services.

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