Tampa Bay Plasma Facility (ICPMS, HR-ICP-MS, MC-ICP-MS)

Facility Management Committee: Kristen Buck, Robert Byrne, Tim Conway, Kelly Deister, Ethan Goddard, Amelia Shevenell.

The Tampa Bay Plasma Facility is a multi-group core analytical facility comprised of three inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometers and associated preparative and sample-handling equipment.  The instruments are used for a variety of CMS, School of Geosciences and USF research: Trace metal geochemistry, isotope geochemistry, paleoceanography, geochemistry, radiometric dating, archeometry/anthropology and forensic science.

Facility Instrumentation:

Thermo Element XR sector field high-resolution ICPMS with high dynamic extended range (fg/g to ug/g in solution mode), Jet interface for added sensitivity,  and an ESI SC-4DX autosampler.

Thermo Neptune Plus multicollector-ICPMS with Apex-Q and Apex-Omega introduction systems, Jet interface for added sensitivity, and an ESI Microfast SC2DX autosampler with injection loops.

Agilent 7500cx ICP-MS with ASX-500 autosampler and Photon Machines Analyte 193 laser ablation system

Associated PI’s and Staff: Byrne (trace elements), Buck (trace metals), Conway (trace metal isotope geochemistry, geochemistry), Shevenell (paleoceanography), Peebles (MRA/Fisheries Ecology), Murawski (MRA/Fisheries Ecology), Goddard and Deister (Technical Staff)


Ethan Goddard for more information or to inquire about collaborative research or analytical services.

Tim Conway for collaborative multi collector IPCMS isotope analysis.

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