Tony Greco

Anthony M. Greco
Anthony M. Greco

Electron Microscope Manager, College of Marine Science
Office Phone: 727-553-1595
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CMS Ocean Technology Group
Electron Microscopy Laboratory



My research interests include high resolution imaging of marine viruses, phytoplankton and zooplankton utilizing the Transmission (TEM) and Scanning electron microscopes (SEM). The SEM contains an x-ray microanalysis system for elemental sample analysis and imaging software for rapid individual particle analysis including sizing and chemical classification.

Research projects have included the identification and imaging of viruses in copepods, the discovery of a new virus in the seagrass Thalassia testudinum and visualization of KVP40 bacteriophage infections in Vibrio natriegens and T4 /e.coli. Other projects examined Karenia brevis, the causative dinoflagellate of red tide to better elucidate the life cycle and provide insight into red tide blooms. Collaborations with scientists from other institutions resulted in the sizing and chemical characterization of dust particles from the Gobi and Sahara desert.

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