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Rising Tides v4 – Summer 2015

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – It’s been an exciting summer here at USF College of Marine Science. Here are some of the highlights in the Rising Tides Magazine, Summer 2015 edition. 

Featured Science Article

Life among the forams. Dr. Pamela Hallock Muller has spent the bulk of her career studying foraminifera and inspiring others to ponder, collect, measure, analyze, and research these small, yet ever-present calcareous organisms. She has focused her efforts on identifying the advantages and limitations of algal symbiosis in calcifying organisms, understanding how this can be used to interpret the geologic past and recognize anthropogenic impacts in the present, and predicting future responses of calcareous organisms to global and regional changes. Through her mentoring and advising of graduate students, Dr. Hallock Muller has also built a cadre of foram experts around the world. In this issue of Rising Tides, she reflects on her life, career, and triumphs in research, teaching, and at USF’s College of Marine Science.

Alumni Tidbits and Features

CMS graduates have been busy with exciting careers and projects across the globe. Dive into this issue’s alumni notes and features to see what they’ve been up to. Tom Cuba ’84 has reinvented himself as political thriller author, Sebastian Roberts. David Mearns ’86 films the search for the MUSACHI, the world’s largest Japanese-built battleship and Nate Wood ’96 is off to Chile on a USAID delegation to examine their volcano monitoring system and preparedness/outreach efforts. Don Eggiman ’75 describes an exciting career that spans studying nepheloid layers to aerospace engineering and sustainable hydroponic/aquaculture systems. Lynn Leonard ’94 reminisces about some of her most memorable CMS experiences and her journey to Department Chair at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. Paul Schroader ’81 brings us to Turkey where he is currently on sabbatical with the Turkish National Science Foundation. And we hear from the first two graduates of USF’s Department of Marine Science (now CMS), former USGS hydrologist Carole Goetz Thomas ’70 and world-renown red tide expert Karen Steidinger ‘63.

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