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Rosenheim Group Facilities


Isoprime Dual Inlet Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

   -Multiply substituted isotopologue (clumped isotope) analysis of CO2

    -High-precision dual inlet isotope analysis

    -Automated small carbonate sample preparation

    -Automated δD and δ18O analysis of water samples

Programmed Temperature Pyrolysis/Combustion System

    -Ramped pyrolysis radiocarbon preparation

    - Vacuum separations line with two 4-loop traps


Computer Controlled Micromill

    -Micrometer scale precision, ideal for fluid inclusions and accretionary skeletons

    -Video view and microscope view

    -Transmitted and reflected light





Vario MicroCube Elemental Analyzer

    -Carbon, nitrogen, sulfur abundance

    - Isoprime He dilutor for isotope analysis

    - Isotope ratios from continuous flow measurement in Isoprime ir-MS


We are excited to bring new techniques and facilities to the USF Paleolab!

    For almost 20 years, USF’s Paleolab has provided the community with high quality scientific results. Below is a list of techniques and facilities that the Rosenheim group adds to this established unit.