Seminars Spring 2020

Fridays at 3:30 PM, MSL Conference Room, (MSL 134)
Note: Some seminars are scheduled for Thursday (3:30PM, MSL 134)

January 17, 2020
Speaker: GSS
Title: Grad student symposium

January 24, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Maury Estes
Affiliation:  The National Space Science & Technology Center at The University of Alabama in Huntsville
Title: Analysis of the demographic and environmental dynamics of the American Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus) and watershed modeling in the coastal northcentral Gulf of Mexico plus a brief description of opportunities in the NASA Applied Sciences Program.
View Dr. Maury Estes Abstract
Host: Cara Estes

January 31, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Ana Aguilar Islas
Affiliation: The University of Alaska Fairbanks
Title: The Northern Gulf of Alaska Long Term Ecological Research Site: Nutrient dynamics across the shelf from Kodiak to Kayak islands
Host: Kristen Buck

February 7, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Laura Mydlarz
Affiliation: The University of Texas at Arlington
Title: Immunity to community: applying coral immune concepts to understanding reef declines
Host: Amelia Shevenell

* Special Seminar *
February 12, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Rob Middag
Affiliation: Senior Scientist at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Reseach (NIOZ)
Title: Bio-active metals in the ocean and confounding correlations
Host: Tim Conway

February 14, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Sam Purkis
Affiliation:  Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at The University of Miami
Title: Emergent Behavior and Emerging Methods in Carbonate Depositional Environments
Host: Pam Hallock-Muller

February 21, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Shane Dunn
Affiliation: President for Epic Marine Geophysical Inc
Title: The Ascendant U.S. Offshore Wind Industry and its Relevance to Marine Scientists
Host: Al Hine

February 28, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Valier Galy
Affiliation: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Title: Revisiting the reactivity of terrestrial organic matter along the land-sea continuum: implications for the global budget of organic carbon burial
Host: Brad Rosenheim

March 3, 2020
** Special Seminar **
Speaker: Boris Galperin
Affiliation: USF College of Marine Science
Title: An analytical theory of oceanic and atmospheric energy spectra

March 6, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Erin Lipp
Affiliation: College of Public Health at The University of Georgia
Title:  A long strange trip: Transoceanic dust transport and deposition in marine ecology and health
Host: Gene Shinn

March 27, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Andreas Fahlaman
Affiliation: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Title: Lung function in marine mammals: a potential paradigm shift in our understanding how marine mammals manage gas during diving.
Host: Brad Seibel

April 2-3, 2020
View the ESLS seminar event

April 10, 2020
Speaker: Drs. Sophie and Phil Bart
Affiliation: Louisiana State University
Title: From biosteering wells, to forensic investigation or past-climate reconstruction; what palynology can do for science and society.
Host: Amelia Shevenell/Brad Rosenheim

April 17, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Brittany Schmidt
Affiliation:  Georgia Institute of Technology
Title: TBD
Host: Ryan Venturelli

April 24, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Chris Piecuch
Affiliation: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Title: TBD
Host: Gary Mitchum

May 1, 2020
Speaker: Dr. Kristen Thyng
Affiliation:  Texas A&M University
Title: Freshwater inflow to Galveston Bay and Transport on the Shelf
Host: Matt Hommeyer/Tim Conway

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