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USF involvement in International Antarctic/Southern Ocean Initiatives


1. IOPD (


1a. Expeditions/Proposals


·         Expedition 813: Antarctic Cenozoic Paleoclimates


Status: Tentatively scheduled for early 2018 by ECORD.

Purpose: This expedition focuses on understanding the Eocene through Oligocene evolution of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet at the outlet of the Wilkes Subglacial Basin. A sequence of short marine sediment cores will be drilled using the British Geological Survey (BGS) sea-bed rock drill deployed from the R/V NB Palmer, the Mission Specific Platform (MSP) under contract to ECORD.

USF Involvement: To date, USF faculty E. Domack and A. Shevenell were proposal proponents and PIs on the 2014 site survey with collaborators from UT Austin Institute for Geophysics. The site survey was conducted during cruise NBP14-02 to Totten Glacier, East Antarctica.


·         IODP Proposal 751: Ocean-ice sheet interactions and West Antarctic Ice Sheet vulnerability: Clues from the Neogene record of the outer Ross Sea continental margin

Lead Proponent: R. McKay

Co-Proponents (Alphabetical): P. Bart, L. Bartek, R. DeConto, L. DeSantis, J. Hong, R. Levy, A. Orsi, D. Pollard, A. Shevenell, C. Sjunneskog, Y. Suganume, S. Warney, and T. Williams

Status: Currently awaiting scheduling by the JOIDES Resolution Facility Board

Purpose: To drill Ross Sea Neogene sediments to better understand Cenozoic Antarctic Ice Sheet evolution.

Proposal History: Submitted to IODP in October 2013; in early 2014, SEP ranked IODP 751-Full as Priority Science; IODP Priority Science is defined as: 1) potentially transformative, game changing science (not incremental) and 2) high visibility for IODP.


·         IODP Proposal 812: Shallow drilling in the far southeastern Ross Sea, Antarctica for records of the early West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Lead Proponent: D. Wilson

Co-Proponents (Alphabetical): K. Gohl, B. Luyendyk, A. Shevenell, and C. Sorlien Status: In revision pending processing of additional site survey data collected in 2014/2015

Purpose: To drill Cenozoic sediments from the southeastern Ross Sea to better understand the evolution of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Proposal History: Submitted to IODP in October 2013; recommended for revision in January 2014


1b. IODP Advisory Committee membership

Amelia Shevenell currently serves on USAC (US Science Advisory Committee to IODP; 2015-present) and served on the international IODP Science Evaluation Panel (2011-2014)


1c: IODP Outreach

Amelia Shevenell was a 2014-2015 IODP Distinguished Lecturer.



The Distinguished Lecturer Series brings the scientific explorations and discoveries of the International Ocean Discovery Program and its predecessor programs to students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and to the geoscience community in general. Priority to host a lecturer is given to small and/or remote institutions with little funding available to host outside speakers. Lecturers are peer/community nominated and selected by IODP U.S Science Advisory Committee (USAC) and Ocean Leadership.


Lecture Title: The Southern Ocean Reveals its climate secrets: Paleotemperatures from Antarctic margin marine sediments


Lecture Institutions (institutions request speakers): Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Wesleyan University, University of Texas Arlington, University of Arkansas, Winona State University, Bowling Green State University (3 talks), Case Western Reserve, Virginia Tech.


Eugene Domack was a XXX ODP Distinguished Lecturer.











GEOTRACES?: SO Specific- Kristen?


USF Faculty have International Collaborators in: UK, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Russia


USF Faculty are members of more informal Southern Ocean/Antarctic groups including:

APECS (Association of Early Career Scientists)


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