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L&O: Celebrates 15th Anniversary with a Collection of the Top-Cited (2003-2014) and Top-Downloaded (2015-2018) Articles

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – Limnology and Oceanography Methods compiled a list of their most downloaded recent papers and most cited older papers for their 15th anniversary special issue. We are pleased to announce that there are two papers from USF College of Marine Science. Congratulations!

The first is Mya Breitbart‘s group, with Frank Muller-Karger which include: Two CMS postdocs (Anni Djurhuus, Enrique Montes), two CMS grad students (Natalie Sawaya and Brianna Michaud) “Evaluation of marine zooplankton community structure through environmental DNA metabarcoding” by Anni Djurhuus, Kathleen Pitz, Natalie A. Sawaya, Jaimie Rojas‐Márquez, Brianna Michaud, Enrique Montes, Frank Muller‐Karger, Mya Breitbart (2018).

The second is from Chris Stallings‘ group, with Ernst Peebles and David Hollander which include: Five CMS grad students/alums (Ori Tzadik, Joe Curtis, Jen Granneman, Ben Kurth, Amy Wallace) and one former CMS postdoc (Tim Pusack) “Chemical archives in fishes beyond otoliths: A review on the use of other body parts as chronological recorders of microchemical constituents for expanding interpretations of environmental, ecological, and life‐history changes” by Orian E. Tzadik, Joseph S. Curtis, Jennifer E. Granneman, Benjamin N. Kurth, Timothy J. Pusack, Amy A. Wallace, David J. Hollander, Ernst B. Peebles, Christopher D. Stallings (2017).

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