Amanda Paiz

Graduate Student - Amanda Paiz
Graduate Student – Amanda Paiz

About my research:

My research involves looking at the upwelling flow from the Gulf of Mexico onto the West Florida Shelf and trying to figure out when it happens, why it happens, and where the water goes once it makes it onto the Shelf using a data-assimilated regional model data set covering 10 years.


Conducting my research at USF-CMS in the beautiful St Petersburg area has been wonderful. The staff is great, and the professors really put in the time to make sure your research is worth-while and makes a difference in your field. There are opportunities to get ship time for your research, and lots of chances to do other types of field-work if you choose to do so. Access to state of the art facilities and computing power have been a great help in not only my research, but also in my growth and development as a physical oceanographer. The various opportunities you are able to take advantage of at a Tier 1 research school are amazing, and at USF-CMS you also get the extra bonus of a small-school feel so you don’t get lost in the crowds like at many other institutions.

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