Cristina Subt

Graduate Student - Cristina Subt
Graduate Student – Cristina Subt

About my research:

I use ramped pyrox radiocarbon chronology methods on marginal Antarctic marine sediments to determine changes in ice sheet retreat and advance over time. Understanding how ice sheets have interacted with climate changes in the past can help us understand how current and future climate changes might play a role in ice sheet behavior, but to do this, accurate chronology is key. Antarctic sediments are notoriously difficult to date due to their highly detrital nature, but by using ramped pyrox we are able to improve upon the available methods and provide more accurate chronologies.


The USF College of Marine Science is an excellent program. There are scientists here who focus on a wide variety of research areas, and who are always happy to provide guidance and resources for their students. For those interested in paleoclimate research, the Paleoclimate Lab is a great place to get help, tools and even make friends! The College of Marine Science is full of fun and interesting scientists with all levels of experience and who make this a great place to study oceanography.

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