Matthew Birk

Graduate Student - Matthew Birk
Graduate Student – Matthew Birk

About my research:

My primary research interests are in teuthology: the scientific study of cephalopods. I apply an integrative approach to my research that incorporates biochemistry, physiology, behavior, and ecology to gain a holistic understanding of these animals and their role in marine ecosystems. For my dissertation research, I am studying the effects of ocean acidification on squid physiology. Specifically, I am examining the effects of acidification on hypoxia (low oxygen) tolerance, maximum swimming speed, and chromatophore expression (color change). I am also examining how these effects may change their biogeography and ecology as climate change progresses.


The USF College of Marine Science is a highly active and productive research institution. As a student and researcher here, I have the opportunity to collaborate with top minds in oceanography to gain a holistic understanding of the oceans and how cephalopods fulfill their roles within them. The small, tight-knit community here provides great interactions both intellectually and personally.

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