Student Vignettes

Alexander Manos

About my research

Working in Dr. Chuanmin Hu’s lab, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in marine science. My research is focused on using optical remote sensing to determine the extent and distribution of marine phytoplankton such as Karenia brevis (a dinoflagellate) and cyanobacteria in coastal environments. I am particularly interested in understanding how nutrient fluxes from groundwater discharge and land runoff influence the growth of different phytoplankton communities.


I chose to pursue my graduate education at the USF College of Marine Science because of the extensive interdisciplinary work being conducted by faculty and students. There is a large network of scientists from many fields of research that gives the college a unique atmosphere to promote personal and professional growth. The close proximity to a range of government research agencies was very exciting and showed a lot of potential for collaboration.

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