Student Vignettes

Bryan O’Malley

About my research:

“Bryan O’Malley is a researcher in the PaleoLab who studies the how the Deepwater Horizon blowout has affected benthic communities in the Gulf of Mexico. Bryan has identified over 200,000 foraminifera and calculated their densities and diversities as a method of monitoring change in communities. Foraminifera are adept indicators of environmental health because of their low trophic level and pure abundance. Bryan is adapting a standardized AMBI index so coastal managers can determine ecological quality statuses of their local bodies of water. 


I chose to undergo my research at USFCMS because of the one of a kind opportunity to understand catastrophic oil spills and their effects on the environment. I was also inspired by the faculty and staff that secured this highly sought-after grant by proving that they are the best in this field. “

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