Student Vignettes

Kiersten Monahan

About my research

I’m working with Dr. Brad Rosenheim to determine the fate of terrestrial organic carbon in the ocean. In particular, we are studying the coastal ocean offshore of the Amazon River and the associated Guianas Mudbanks. Our goal is to quantify what fraction of the terrestrial organic carbon is refractory or selectively preserved in marine sediments and how much is rapidly and efficiently oxidized. We will be using isotopic techniques to reexamine our present understanding of organic carbon burial efficiency. This research may have broader implications for our understanding of how coastal oceans contribute to the global carbon cycle.



CMS offers an interdisciplinary approach to oceanography, which is essential for an effective research project even in a specialized discipline. They foster a collaborative environment and are focused on student success. St. Petersburg is also the perfect setting for marine science, not only because we are surrounded by ocean, but we are also a hub for oceanographic and environmental research, with neighbors that include NOAA, USGS, Fish & Wildlife Research Institute, and Florida Institute of Oceanography. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive. I’m glad I chose USF College of Marine Science to pursue a graduate degree.

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