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Laura Azevedo

About my research

My research is focused on the integration of AIS maritime data with meteorological and oceanographic / weather data. I work with Dr. Mark Luther and Dr. Steven Myers trying to improve maritime transportation, make it more efficient, safer and more profitable with the right monitoring and forecasting information. Our studies include analysis of vessels behaviors in relation to specific weather occurrences; how ship wake and overall disturbance affects the local metocean data and forecast. We are responsible for maintaining most of Tampa Bay ports metocean monitoring stations and we work closely with NOAA and the Ports Authority to make sure that the metocean information received is accurate and the equipment is working well.  Our goal is to improve maritime routing, maneuvering and berthing, to make maritime voyages safer and more efficient. At the same time, we help ports by providing the latest technology on weather and ocean monitoring and forecast.


The College of Marine Science at USF St. Petersburg is a hard to find gem. The location is unbelievable. The entire college is surrounded by water, by the warm Tampa Bay. The resources are countless as well. Some larger and smaller research vessels, all kinds of equipment, several laboratories of all different areas of oceanography. However, for me the nicest thing about this college is the people. Everybody is extremely nice and always eager to help. It is good to have your cohort taking all the same classes on the first year, makes it easier to make friends. St. Petersburg is such a cool quirky spot. Not too big, not too small, awesome bars and restaurants and amazing beaches. The reason I chose this program was because of my advisor Dr. Mark Luther. He is a laid back, extremely nice guy who is very well recognized in the field and has numerous important connections. 

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