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Mark Mussett

About my research

My research focus is on using sonar data to identify and locate different benthic mineral occurrences.  I intend to mine archived sonar data collected during research transits in remote expanses of the deep ocean to search for evidence of a manganese nodule occurrence.  These identified regions will then be assessed in terms of their oceanographic conditions, including but not limited to the water depth, local biological productivity, sedimentation rate, and sediment type, bottom currents, and other water column characteristics such as temperature, salinity, and water chemistry.  A proposal to test for the existence of these manganese nodule fields would then be formulated. 


USF CMS offers a unique advantage to all students, researchers and faculty via access to a number of scientists from diverse concentrations.  The opportunity to collaborate as a student, especially in an environment with exemplary ratios of students to faculty and researchers provides a path to kindle robust consideration of the science pertaining to seabed minerals.  The adjacency of multiple scientific and regulatory organizations further provides opportunity for collaboration and visibility of the scientific concentration on which I intend to focus.  As a lifelong resident of the Tampa Bay area, I couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for study and work than the St. Petersburg waterfront campus.

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