Student Vignettes

Tynisha Martin

About my research

I am a first-year student seeking a Master of Science degree in Marine Science with a concentration in Geological Oceanography. I am working in Dr. Brad Rosenheim’s lab studying carbon cycling in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands. I am particularly interested in how carbon cycles laterally through the entire system and if certain areas are more vital for carbon storage than others. I am excited to begin my research and learn more about the ecosystems of Florida. 


I developed an interest in paleoclimatology while working on a second Bachelor of Science degree at Florida Gulf Coast University, where I studied Hurricane Irma evidence in sediment cores. Upon the recommendation of my undergraduate research advisor, I applied to the USF CMS with hopes of building upon my paleo foundation.  I chose this program because it will provide me with new opportunities to grow as a scientist while helping me to put my skills to use.

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